Full Service Audiology

At ENTOne we have 3 full time audiologists ready to serve your hearing needs in our Audiology Department. These medical professionals have completed training and certification that makes them Doctors of Audiology (AuD). They will spend time with you to determine the type and degree of your hearing loss, and if hearing aids are right for you. If so, our audiologists will fit with the best hearing aids that technology has to offer.

Hearing aid technology offers automatic processing which can change the delivery of sound based on the environment that you find yourself. Hearing aids can have user controls for volume and specific settings. They can also stream sound from cell phones and television, allowing you to hear phone calls, music, podcasts, or your favorite show.

There are several different styles, types, and brands of hearing aids. Once selected, your hearing aids will be fit appropriately by programming them specific to your particular needs. Research has shown that hearing aids improve patients’ quality of life and decrease fatigue. They also have been shown to prevent cognitive decline by lowering the incidence of dementia. Oftentimes, patients’ medical insurance will help financially with some of the cost of the devices.

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Full-Service Audiology

ENTOne Offers Complete Ear Care

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