Seasonal Change and You

Living in Colorado we enjoy wonderful weather year round. As summer turns to fall it’s
natural to experience changes in the way you feel. Diminishing daylight, temperature
reductions, prevalence of pollen – affect most of us in a variety of ways.

Fortunately there are several things you can do to offset the impact of seasonal change.

GO OUTSIDE – Get as much natural sunlight as possible.
MOVE IT – Regular exercising particularly outdoors in the daylight is great…but exercise
at the gym or home are good alternatives.
EAT RIGHT – Aim for a healthy diet along with the regular intake of vitamins that contain
magnesium, B complex, and minerals.
BALANCE TIME – Trade screen time for hobbies, reading, brisk walking…anything that
gives you a sense of accomplishment.
HEALTH CHECK-UPS – If seasonal change is affecting how you feel, it’s a good idea to
get a regular health check-up…especially if allergies are flaring up.

If you’re still feeling out of sorts…let’s talk. Contact ENTOne today 303.798.1309 or online.


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