Clearing the Air On Hearing Aids

Clearing the Air On Hearing Aids

Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids hit the market in the past couple of years. Several brands have jumped into the market by selling direct to consumers online.

Cheaper Hearing Aids Is Rarely Better

While the cost can be lower, there’s a reason for that…OTC hearing aids are a one-size-fits-all solution. OTC hearing aids are designed for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, are limited in their maximum output, and have less premium sound quality. As a result they are rarely the best option for many patients. 

Customization Is The Difference

While OTC devices are adjustable, they are not programmable to your unique hearing needs. Prescription hearing aids are programmed just for you by a skilled professional. A trained audiologist or ENT physician will ensure proper fit, programming and even pair the device with your phone.

The Benefits of Professional Assistance

An audiologist is a licensed, certified professional who specializes in helping patients with hearing loss. Audiologists have access to screening, technologies and solutions customized for you. When you’ve made the decision to consider hearing aids it’s always preferable to work with a pro. 

Hearing Health = Overall Health

Hearing health has a significant impact on overall health. Hearing loss is often associated with balance problems, falls, social isolation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline. An audiologist can help connect the dots between your hearing health and your overall health.

ENTOne Is Here For You

ENTOne has a wide range of technology levels to help you achieve the hearing goals you want at a price that is right for you. At ENTOne we work with many insurance companies. Payment plans, if desired, are available through CareCredit, Our main goal is to help you get a customized, well programmed hearing aid that fits your financial situation.

Disclaimer: This is general information and not a substitute for professional medical advice. All advice and suggestions offered via the website or newsletters should be discussed with a physician prior to being implemented. Always consult a physician for specific guidance, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions. SurgOne, PC and ENTOne PC are not liable for any adverse reactions that may occur by implementing advice or suggestions that appear here.


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